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【Andrew Elek | Insight】APEC paves the way for greater regional connectivity

For more than a decade, the business sector has been telling governments to shift the focus of regional economic integration. Dealing with across-the-border problems of connectivit […]


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【Andrew Elek|Insight】A new G20 strategy for development cooperation

In late 2008 the policy failures of Western economies created a global problem which they could not fix by themselves. The G7 was forced to bring other emerging economies to the ta […]


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【Insight】G20 and Asian leadership

Only five years after its excellent start, the G20 is still trying to define its role and its ambition. Although the agenda is already too wide, some huge threats to the prospects […]


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By Andrew Elek

Andrew Elek is Research Associate at the Crawford School of Public Policy, the Australian National University. He was the inaugural Chair of APEC Senior Officials in 1989.

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