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【Anthony Fensom | Asia】Could China’s Economic Woes Infect Asia?

China’s stock-market horror show wiped trillions of dollars off market valuations, sending global investors running for the exits. With the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) seemingly […]


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【Anthony Fensom | Asia】Could China Spark the Next Global Financial Crisis?

China’s slowing property market has forced Beijing to put its foot on the policy gas pedal, worried as it is by the effects of a deepening slump. For a government whose legitimacy […]


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【Anthony Fensom | Asia】Tokyo Keeps Washington Waiting on Defense

Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s election gamble is a prelude to his longstanding goal of making Japan a “normal” country on defense issues. However, amid domestic and foreign war […]


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By Anthony Fensom

Anthony Fensom, a Brisbane, Australia-based freelance writer and consultant with more than a decade's experience in Asia-Pacific financial/media industries.

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