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【Aurelia George Mulgan | Asia】After Japan’s status quo election, where will opposition come from?

The 2014 Japanese election result was no more or less than a victory for the political status quo. All it did was reaffirm the Liberal Democratic Party’s (LDP) predominance and the […]


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【Aurelia George Mulgan | Asia】Can Abe’s third arrow pierce Japan’s agricultural armour?

The third arrow of Abenomics (economic growth through structural reform) is flying neither high nor fast in Japan’s agricultural sector. The Abe administration’s agricultural refor […]


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【Aurelia George Mulgan | Sino-Japan】Abe puts personal interests ahead of Japan’s at Yasukuni

In visiting Yasukuni Shrine on 26 December, Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzō Abe risks repeating former Prime Minister Koizumi’s disastrous Asia policy of 2001–06. Koizumi was immune […]


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【A. G. Mulgan|Abenomics】Abe’s ‘growth’ strategy for agriculture in Japan

The Abe administration is releasing, in stages, the last of the ‘three arrows’ of Abenomics: a growth strategy designed to lift Japan’s competitiveness through pro-growth reforms. […]


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【Aurelia George Mulgan ChinaDesk】Japan, US and the TPP: the view from China

Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzō Abe successfully stared down opposition from the domestic farm lobby and his own ruling party to take Japan into the TPP negotiations. The other half […]


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