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【作者對談】Barbara Demick:與朝鮮人民談富裕中國

編者按: 美國《洛杉磯時報》記者Barbara Demick 推出新書《無可羨慕:朝鮮人的普通生活》(Nothing To Envy:Ordinary Lives in North Korea)講述朝鮮實況。她早前接受《經濟觀察報》,講述「脫北者」經歷、朝鮮人民對中國這位老大哥的印象。對朝鮮人民來說,中國改革開放帶來的的衝擊相當大,當中包括經濟高速增長帶來的 […]


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By Barbara Demick

Barbara Demick is an American journalist, and has served as its Beijing bureau chief of the Los Angeles Times since 2008. She was named the winner of the 2012 Shorenstein Journalism Award. Before joining the Los Angeles Times, Demick worked for the Philadelphia Inquirer as a foreign correspondent in the Middle East and Eastern Europe. Her book, Nothing to Envy: Ordinary Lives in North Korea, was published in 2009.

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