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【B. Klingner|Insight】Enhancing South Korean–U.S. Naval Capabilities Is Critical to American Interests

Abstract After two North Korean attacks in 2010, South Korea began to redress its naval shortcomings, but deficiencies remain that could put allied interests at risk during the nex […]


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【B. Klingner|Sino-Korea】President Park Should Persuade China on NK

Trilateral meetings in Washington last week amongst U.S., South Korean, and Japanese officials affirmed there is no daylight whatsoever amongst the allies in their policy toward No […]


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【Bruce Klingner】North Korean Threats: What Washington Should Do

North Korea is easy to ridicule. The country is an anachronistic hangover from the Cold War, replete with cartoonish propaganda and over-the-top threats. Its leader could well play […]


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