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【Democracy Digest | Insight】China plans ‘unprecedented’ reforms, but cracks down on dissent

In a 200-page report, the Development Research Center of the State Council, China‘s cabinet, advocates far-reaching reform of the financial system, an end to the state’s monopoly o […]


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【Democracy Digest | Insight】A failed state?: Libya starts from scratch

The apparently accelerating deterioration of security in Libya, underscored by the recent abduction of the country’s prime minister Ali Zeidan , has raised the prospect of even lar […]


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【Democracy Digest | Insight】A day in the life of Mikhail Khodorkovsky: ten years a prisoner

Can Russia’s “managed” democracy evolve into something more “real”? Or will it require a new revolution? “I’d like to believe in the path of reforms,” says jailed dissident and for […]


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【Democracy Digest | Insight】Advancing democracy a casualty of new ‘modest strategy’ for Middle East?

What are America’s core interests in the Middle East? How has the upheaval in the Arab world changed America’s position? What can Mr. Obama realistically hope to achieve? What lies […]


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【Democracy Digest | Insight】China’s anti-Uighur bias growing

“Job seekers looking for opportunities in this ancient oasis town in China’s far western Xinjiang region would seem to have ample options, based on a quick glance at a local help-w […]


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【Democracy Digest | Insight】How will Bo Xilai trial affect China’s political trajectory?

As the riveting trial of Bo Xilai draws to a close, analyst Gao Wenqian, a Senior Policy Advisor to Human Rights in China, offers his views on “the trial of the century.” How will […]


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【Democracy Digest|Egypt Unrest 】‘Ideas of al Qaeda Reborn’ in Wake of Egypt Crackdown

“Dozens of people were reportedly killed in renewed clashes on Friday as thousands of followers of the embattled Muslim Brotherhood took to the streets of Cairo and other cities, f […]


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【Democracy Digest|Egypt Unrest 】Egypt’s Democrats Resent West’s ‘Stockholm Syndrome’

“The killing of more than 600 people in Egypt this week has prompted international condemnation and alarm, but the military-backed government in Cairo appears to be enjoying widesp […]


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【Democracy Digest|Insight  】: Iran’s mounting malaise: Rouhani ‘starting with familiar-strategy’

Nothing in the track-record of Iran’s newly-elected president Hassan Rouhani suggests “he might be a closet liberalizer,” says a prominent analyst. “It is worth noting that Rouhani […]


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【Democracy Digest|SINO-DPRK】Adjusting Policy towards the DPRK

“China’s stance toward North Korea might be changing in directions that would help resolve the nuclear standoff with Pyongyang,” says a leading expert. A prominent Chinese official […]


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