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【Dimitra Karantzeni | Europe】Europe of the human face… with a little help from Greece

Days after the last parliamentary elections, something is eventually moving in Greece. People are hesitant and restrained, do not want to get too excited. However, one can see that […]


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【Dimitra Karantzeni | Academia】The political character of Social Media: How do Greek Internet users perceive and use social networks?

Mass media, due to their symbolic character as well as their level of penetration into every aspect of social life, play a significant role in the formation of identity. According […]


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By Dimitra Karantzeni

Dimitra Karantzeni is a graduate of Communication and Mass Media from the University of Athens, also holding a M.Sc. in European and International Studies from the School of Law, Economics and Political Sciences of the same University. She is currently working as a Communication Specialist and independent researcher on the Journal of Modern Diplomacy. She can be contacted at:

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