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【Dermot Hodson & Uwe Puetter | 分析】歐盟及其經濟危機 (中譯)

導言 回顧歐洲一體化的歷史,歐盟或者它的前身,一直面臨各樣危機。二十世紀五十年代,《歐洲防衛共同體條約》(European Defence Community Treaty)的政治失敗結果,影響之後的十年。同時,在七十年代,假如布雷頓森林體系和第一次石油危機後,歐盟看到經濟及貨幣聯盟(Economic and Monetary Union)的初步計劃,因廢棄 […]


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【Dmitry Filippov & Peter Marino | Asia】What happened to Russia’s ‘pivot to Asia’?

In early 2014, Russia faced economic sanctions in response to its annexation of Crimea. Many in the country viewed the sanctions as proof that the West has contempt for Russia’s ‘s […]


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By Dmitry Filippov & Peter Marino

Dmitry Filippov is a PhD student at the School of East Asian Studies, University of Sheffield. Peter Marino is an analyst of Intra-Asian politics, with a particular focus on China and Indo-Pacific Security and Economic Affairs. He holds an MSc from the London School of Economics and runs the startup Think Tank the Metropolitan Society for International Affairs. He tweets at @Globalogues.

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