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【G. Chan】The Rise of Multipolarity, the Reshaping of Order: China in a Brave New World?

This paper explores China’s search for its place in the world, in the midst of global power transitions from the West to the East, from traditional powers  to rising powers, and fr […]


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By Gerald Chan

Gerald Chan, Professor of Political Studies in the University of Auckland. Gerald's key research area is Chinese international relations. He has published a number of books and many articles in this area. He is currently working a project on China's diplomatic practice, with case studies involving China's peacekeeping activities, its involvement in the Six-Party talks, its model of development, and its maritime security policy. Two of Gerald's co-authored articles won the Best Essay of the Year award: one entitled "Rethinking global governance: a China model in the making?", in Contemporary Politics (2008); and the other entitled "Japan, the West and the whaling issue", in Japan Forum (2005).

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