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【Gordon G. Chang | Asia】2015: The Year China Goes Broke?

China, the Financial Times noted Friday, could exhaust its foreign exchange reserves within a year as it defends the value of its plunging currency, the renminbi. The paper’s arith […]


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【Gordon G. Chang | Asia】Could China’s Collapsing Stock Market Take Down Its Economy?

Stocks finished mixed in China on Monday. The failure to trigger strong rallies after weekend announcements of Beijing’s market rescue plan suggest shares will continue their recen […]


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【Gordon G. Chang | Asia】China’s “Gorbachev

“In my struggle against corruption, I don’t care about life or death, or ruining my reputation,” said Xi Jinping at a closed-door session of the Communist Party’s Politburo on June […]


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【Gordon G. Chang| Asia】Be Afraid: China Can’t Control North Korea

This month in Beijing, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel asked China’s leader Xi Jinping to do more to disarm North Korea. In February, Secretary of State John Kerry, when he was in th […]


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