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【Igor Dirgantara | Insight】Simultaneous regional head elections in Indonesia 2015

Indonesia is one of the largest democratic countries in the world. Legislative elections and presidential election 2014 have passed quite well, although there are still many proble […]


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【Igor Dirgantara | Insight】Presidental Election 2014 and Indonesian Foreign Policy

Indonesian Presidential general election has been underway on July 9th. There were 2 pairs of strong candidates for Presidential and Vice-Presidential position: Prabowo Subianto-Ha […]


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【Igor Dirgantara | Insight】Indonesia Election 2014

Abstract One of the fastest growing economies (over 6%) and the forthcoming power house in the impressive world’s top 10 club, as well as the largest Muslim (but secular, republica […]


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By Igor Dirgantara

Igor Dirgantara is senior researcher and lecturer Lecturer at the Faculty of Social and Politics, University of Jayabaya, Indonesia.

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