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【Jamil Maidan Flores|Insight】Europe Agonistes: A Divided Continent Plays Out a Greek Drama

Prof. Anis H. Bajrektarevic recently launched a book titled, “Europe of Sarajevo 100 Years Later: From WWI to www.” Only Prof. Anis, I think, can write a book of that title, just a […]


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【Jamil Maidan Flores|Insight】The Paris Killings: Who Are the Real Heroes of Press Freedom?

In the wake of the terrorist assault last week on the offices of the French magazine “Charlie Hebdo,” in which 12 persons were killed, many people all over the world were moved to […]


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【Jamil Maidan Flores|Asia】Why ASEM Is Vital to Indonesian Interest

Late last week, the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) held its 10th summit in Milan, Italy. The event involved 51 nations from the two continents plus two regional organizations, the Asso […]


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By Jamil Maidan Flores

Jamil Maidan Flores is a Jakarta-based literary writer whose interests include philosophy and foreign policy.

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