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【R. Baldwin, M. Kawai, G. Wignaraja|Int’l Poli Eco】Future of the world trading system: Asian perspectives

The WTO risks losing its centrality in the world trading system due to its focus on 20th century trade issues and lack of progress in the Doha Round. Asia, meanwhile, has built a d […]


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【J.Fenny,Z.Darvas,G.Wolff|Insight】Europe’s banks need to be recapitalised – now

  Europe’s growth performance was disappointing before the financial crisis. It has been dismal since. Five years into the “great recession”, the risk for Europe is to remain […]


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By Jean Pisani-Ferry, Zsolt Darvas, Guntram B.Wolff

Jean Pisani-Ferry was the first Director of Bruegel from 2005-2013. He is currently the Director of the French Prime Minister’s Economic Policy Planning Staff in Paris and professor of economics with Université Paris-Dauphine.

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