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【Jerome Roos | Middle East】In Turkey, a perfect storm gathers on the horizon

A financial crisis looms in Turkey as internal instability and external pressures reveal the contradictions of Erdoğan’s debt-driven development model. The historic gains of the Pe […]


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【Jerome Roos | Europe】Why does Greece not simply get it over with and default?

History has shown that defaulting countries tend to fall harder but recover faster. So why does Greece’s left-led government not simply get it over with? As the Greek debt drama fi […]


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【Jerome Roos | Europe】Ending austerity in Greece: time for plan B?

When the Eurogroup accepted Greece’s reform proposals on Tuesday, investors and EU leaders let out a collective sigh of relief: it appears that the bombshell of a disorderly Greek […]


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【Jerome Roos | Insight】HSBC and the upside-down world of austerity politics

While the wealthy evade billions in taxes, ordinary citizens continue to bear the burden of budget cuts. Meanwhile, those who resist are punished for it. “What is rewarded above is […]


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