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【Joseph Trevithick| Insight】Get Ready, Iran: U.S. Air Force Adds Squadrons for Nuke Spying

The are big changes afoot for the U.S. Air Force’s nuclear intelligence force. Hidden away at Patrick Air Force Base in Florida, the secretive Air Force Technical Applications Cent […]


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By Joseph Trevithick

Journalist and researcher with experience using various open source and public domain resources, as well as traditional research methods (including informational interviewing and familiarity with the IRB process). Has written pieces for print publications such as Small Arms Review, and online outlets, such as a contributor to Small Wars Journal and Tom Ricks’ The Best Defense. Is also a regular contributor to David Axe’s War is Boring, hosted by Has been interviewed for television by BBC World, CNN International, ABC News, and Al-Jazeera English, on topics ranging from unmanned aerial vehicles to the situation in Afghanistan. Is currently working on a number of projects concerning various military topics for a range of audiences.

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