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【Justin Hastings | Academia】China’s Counterproductive Counterterrorism Policies

China is currently in the midst of yet another crackdown on Uyghur separatist violence, and this one is unlikely to be more successful in the long term than the previous crackdowns […]


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【Justin Hastings | Asia 】Chinese government caught flatfooted by separatist attack

In the aftermath of the 2009 Han–Uyghur riots in Urumqi, the Chinese government made a number of changes to its policies in Xinjiang, including transferring out the region’s unpopu […]


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By Justin Hastings

Justin Hastings is a Senior Lecturer in International Relations and Comparative Politics at the University of Sydney. He is the author of No Man’s Land: Globalization, Territory, and Clandestine Groups in Southeast Asia (Ithaca and London: Cornell University Press, 2010).

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