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【Lyle J. Goldstein | America】The Main Problem with America’s Abundant South China Sea Hawks

As Washington and Beijing contemplate a new series of countermoves in the South China Sea, a debate over U.S. policy objectives and strategy is quite timely. For that reason, I par […]


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【Lyle J. Goldstein | Asia】Russia and China: Beware the Budding Eurasian Colossus?

As Russia’s unexpected military intervention in Syria has dominated headlinesacross the globe in recent weeks, more than a few media outlets have speculated on whether Chinese forc […]


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【Lyle J. Goldstein | Asia】China’s Afghanistan Moment

The 7th Strategic and Economic Dialogue (S&ED) with China has recently concluded in Washington.  Hawks will no doubt opine that the Obama Administration has not shown adequate […]


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