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【Milton Ezrati | Europe】A New Troika: Greece’s Three Paths to Economic Salvation

The most remarkable thing about the recent EU-Greek negotiations is how shallow they were, or perhaps it was how shallowly covered they were. Media reports almost universally descr […]


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【Milton Ezrati | Europe】Here Is Why Switzerland Did NOT Start a Currency War

Not too long ago, the Swiss National Bank (SNB) gave up the peg it had maintained for years between its franc and the euro. Market reaction was sudden. Within minutes of the announ […]


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【Milton Ezrati | Europe】Greece: Europe’s Great Economic Black Hole

Greeks will go to the polls on January 25. The outcome may lead to debt repudiation, other severe losses on assets and the beginning of the end of the common currency. Even if Euro […]


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【Milton Ezrati | Insight】The Global Economy’s Worst Fear: Central Bankers Can’t Save the Planet

Pity the central bankers. The media from time to time may characterize them as the all-powerful shapers of economic destiny, but in reality they have only the bluntest of policy to […]


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【Milton Ezrati | Europe】Can Europe Save Itself from Economic Disaster?

Europe is talking about fundamental reform, again. French president François Hollande has promised cuts in his country’s business taxes and a more streamlined approach to its labor […]


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【Milton Ezrati | Europe】Draghi’s Inferno: The EU Heads toward Financial Doom

Mario Draghi, President of the European Central Bank, must feel desperate. The low inflation recently reported in the eurozone must tell him that he is losing the ability to ease t […]


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【Milton Ezrati | Europe】Will Italy Wreak Economic Havoc on Europe?

Italy’s economy is faltering again. Its continued weakness threatens the eurozone. As its third largest economy, Italian failure could place unsupportable burdens on Germany and th […]


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【Milton Ezrati | Europe】The Euro Zone is in Big Trouble: The Deflation Danger

A complacency about the euro zone seems to have settled on markets and pundits both.  It is misplaced.  The fact is that the euro zone and the European Union (EU) have become much […]


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By Milton Ezrati

Milton Ezrati is Senior Economist and Market Strategist for Lord, Abbett & Co. as well as an associate of the Center for the Study of Human Capital at the State University of New York at Buffalo.

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