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【Paul R. Pillar | Insight】America’s Not-So-Ultimate Weapon: Economic Warfare

The roots and manifestations of American exceptionalist thinking go way back. One of those manifestations is the use of economic measures as a weapon intended to coerce or deny. Th […]


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【Paul Pillar | Asia】How Not to Make Comparisons Between Iran and China

One of the most famous zingers in American political history is Lloyd Bentsen’s “you’re no Jack Kennedy” line in his 1988 vice presidential candidates’ debate wit […]


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【Paul R. Pillar | Insight】A U.S. Policy of Weakness towards Russia?

Over the past several weeks of the Ukraine crisis, there has been much commentary in the United States to the effect that the West and the United States in particular has been lett […]


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【Paul Pillar | Middle East】Hamas and the Tyranny of Labels

There is little reason for anyone to get very exercised, either with enthusiasm or with dismay, over the latest announced reconciliation between Hamas and the Fatah-dominated Pales […]


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【Paul R. Pillar | Europe】NATO Expansion and the Road to Simferopol

Beyond the policy issue of what to do now to bring the crisis with Russia over Ukraine to as much of a satisfactory conclusion as may be possible, we ought to reflect on our own ro […]


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【Paul Pillar | America】The Forgotten Principles of Deterrence

An irony of how the events in Ukraine and the associated altercation with Russia have thrown many commentators and policy critics into a Cold War mode is that those same commentato […]


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【Paul R. Pillar | Insight】Rice and the Toughness Fallacy

The rhetorical drumbeat from rightward portions of the commentariat, to the effect that Russia’s moves in Ukraine should be attributed to a supposed pusillanimous “retreat” o […]


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【Paul R. Pillar | Insight】Gates, War, and Responsibility

Stop the presses: Robert Gates has a revealing memoir that provides penetrating new insights into how Washington works. Such as that election considerations influence how president […]


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【Paul R. Pillar  | Insight】Benghazi and the Sources of Anti-American Violence

David Kirkpatrick’s investigative piece in the New York Times about last year’s lethal attack on a U.S. compound in Benghazi is well worth reading, though not because i […]


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