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【Peter Harris | Europe】Going for Broke: Understanding Greece’s Referendum Gamble

Alexis Tsipras’ Syriza party came to power in Athens with promises to end austerity and to renegotiate the terms of Greece’s economic assistance from international creditors. But s […]


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【Peter Harris | Asia】Beware the Hong Kong Democratic Time Bomb

There is unrest on the streets of Hong Kong as thousands of pro-democracy campaigners clash with police over Beijing’s decision to curtail democracy in the Special Administrative R […]


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【Peter Harris | Academia】Westphalia with Chinese Characteristics

What will be the future implications of China’s rise in power?  The towering political scientist Stephen Krasner has produced a lucid synopsis for the Hoover Institution.  One of t […]


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【Peter Harris | Insight】The Real Lesson of D-Day

The media is awash with commentary on and analysis of the Normandy landings.  Overwhelmingly, the events of 70 years ago are portrayed as a veritable milestone in world history; a […]


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【Peter Harris | Asia】Japan’s Embrace of Collective Self-Defense: A Worrisome Turn from the Past?

As already noted by The National Interest, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe recently began official discussions into whether Japan should be able to engage in collective self-def […]


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【Peter Harris | Asia】Modi’s Big Win: A Chance for Stronger Ties with America?

Two years ago, a Time magazine journalist described Narendra Modi as “the most polarizing politician in India.”  Today, Modi is emphatically the most powerful politician in India.  […]


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【Peter Harris| Asia】How Will We Know When China is Number One?

It has been conventional wisdom for well over a decade that China is a rising power. The statistics on China’s current size and projections about its future growth have become such […]


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By Peter Harris

Peter Harris is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Government at the University of Texas, Austin, and a graduate fellow at the Clements Center for History, Strategy and Statecraft.

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