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【Richard Javad Heydarian| Asia】The Philippines under President Duterte

Over the past few years, the Philippines has emerged as one of China’s staunchest critics, particularly over the festering maritime disputes in the South China Sea. The dangerous s […]


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【Richard Javad Heydarian | Asia】A New Dawn in Japan: How China Is Empowering Its Greatest Rival

For the past seven decades, Japan hasn’t fired a single bullet for offensive military purposes, nor has it established a standing army with the mandate to engage in war. The northe […]


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【Richard Javad Heydarian | Asia】Is China’s Soft-Power Bubble about to Burst?

In Soft Power: The Means to Success in World Politics, Joseph Nye emphasizes the importance of utilizing noncoercive means for achieving desirable strategic outcomes. For great pow […]


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【Richard Javad Heydarian | Asia】Against China: Is the Philippines’ ‘Moralpolitik’ the Right Move?

For years, the Philippines has been hailed as the courageous David that took the Chinese Goliath to court. The considerably weaker Southeast Asian country has sought to leverage pr […]


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【Richard Javad Heydarian | Asia】Made in Beijing: An Anti-China Alliance Emerges

Recognizing the gravity of the deepening crisis in the South China Sea, the world’s leading western powers have begun to speak out. During their latest summit in Germany, the Group […]


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【Richard Javad Heydarian | Asia】The Battle for Maritime Asia Heats Up

Despite earlier hopes for a sustained de-escalation in maritime tensions in the Western Pacific, China has once again kicked off the year with a bang. In 2014, China reaffirmed its […]


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【Richard Javad Heydarian | Asia】David vs. Goliath in the South China Sea: The Philippines vs. China

In a dramatic display of strategic naiveté, the Philippines decided (early-October) to suspend the repair and upgrade of its age-old airstrip on the Spratly island of Thitu (Pagasa […]


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【Insight】Japan’s ‘democratic security diamond’

Japan is carving out a new role in regional maritime affairs. Fresh into office, the newly elected Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, has launched a charm offensive across the Pa […]


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By Richard Javad Heydarian

A Philippine-based foreign affairs analyst, specializing on international security and economics. He has been a regular contributor to Asia Times, the Diplomat, Russia Today, and Tehran Times.

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