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【Scott A. Snyder | Asia】Grading Global Governance: Implications for East Asia and Beyond

The Council of Councils (CoC), a network of think tanks that mirrors the membership of the G20, released this week a thought-provoking report card assessing the state of global gov […]


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【透視】國際維穩和重建與「全球韓國 」

南韓在阿富汗的穩定上所做的努力並未在西方媒體上得到顯著報導,但是,他們近來在海外政策上取得的可確證的巨大成功而應予國際承認。今年9月份的決定使南韓參與阿富汗舞臺的時間又延長了一年。這證明首爾決心繼續致力於推進國際安全援助部隊和北約部隊的穩定努力,以鞏固其全球南韓(Global Korea)的姿態。 然而,下一屆駐在首爾的南韓政府——將在12月選舉產生出來—— […]


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By Scott A. Snyder

Scott Snyder is senior fellow for Korea studies and director of the program on U.S.-Korea policy at the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).

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