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【Steven Pifer | Europe】Compromise Over Ukraine Will Be Hard

Writing in the National Interest on October 13 (“How Russia Sees the Ukraine Crisis: Can a Compromise be Found?”), Paul Saunders describes a Russian view, that of Andranik Migranya […]


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【Steven Pifer | Europe】Ukraine Faced Outcast Status With Its Nukes

Russia’s continuing aggression against Ukraine has raised an obvious question: Was Kiev smart to give up nuclear weapons? The logic goes that Moscow would never have dared to chall […]


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【Steven Pifer|Insight】Nuclear Bombs, and its Significances in North Korea and Iran

Iran is pursuing a nuclear program that clearly goes beyond peaceful, civilian purposes, though the U.S. intelligence community assesses that Tehran has not yet decided to build a […]


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【Steven Pifer】Ukraine at a Crossroads with Europe?

The Kyiv Security Forum, held in the Ukrainian capital on April 18-19, brought together Ukrainians, Europeans and Americans to discuss the current challenges facing Ukraine. Much o […]


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