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【T. Takahashi|JP right wing】Japan’s 2013 defence white paper stirs tensions with China

Japan’s new defence white paper was released by the Abe government in July 2013. The key security concerns, China and North Korea, appear again as they did in the 2012 paper that w […]


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【Toshiya Takahashi|JP right wing】Abe and a Japanese National Security Council

On 7 June, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe approved legislation to create a National Security Council (NSC), which will replace the existing Security Council. The bill is expect […]


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【Takahashi】Oversimplifying Japan’s right turn

Japan’s ‘right turn’ has been in the headlines since the end of 2012. The victory of the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) in the December 2012 national election brought the hawkish S […]


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By Toshiya Takahashi

Toshiya Takahashi is a PhD student at the National Security College, Australian National University.

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