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【Witney Schneidman | Insight】Globalization and Income Inequality: A Pressing Challenge for South Economies

The drivers of economic growth among South economies was a principal focus of a conference last month in Delhi sponsored by the GrowthNet (to which Covington is a Knowledge Partner […]


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By Witney Schneidman

Witney Schneidman is a senior international advisor for Africa. Dr. Schneidman, a non-lawyer, has a deep understanding of many of the major African countries, as well as uniquely valuable insight into the recurrent challenges and opportunities across the continent. He provides strategic advice on the varied political, economic, social and regulatory issues that are critical to companies’ success in Africa. Dr. Schneidman’s work focuses on US-African relations, trade and investment in Sub-Saharan Africa, and issues related to economic growth and regional integration on the continent.

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