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【Zachary Keck | Asia】India’s Top Banker: World Heading towards New Great Depression?

The head of India’s central bank, who predicted the 2007-2008 financial crisis, is now warning that the world may be gradually headed towards another Great Depression. Speaking at […]


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【Zachary Keck | Asia】The Ultimate Nightmare: North Korea Could Sell Saudi Arabia Nuclear Weapons

One of the gravest concerns about Iran acquiring a nuclear weapon is that it will set off a nuclear arms race in the region, whereas Iran’s acquisition of the bomb prompts its neig […]


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【Zachary Keck | China Foreign Affairs】China’s New Trump Card in the South China Sea

China is likely to deploy the J-11 to its artificial islands once they are completed, according to a Hong Kong newspaper. On Sunday, the South China Morning Post reported that the  […]


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【Zachary Keck | Asia】Russia’s Eyes Massive Nuclear Submarine Deal with India

Russia may help India build nuclear submarines and stealth warships, according to Indian media reports. Last week India’s Economic Times reported that the Indian conglomerate Relia […]


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【Zachary Keck | Asia】India to Launch First Homegrown Aircraft Carrier

India is set to launch its first indigenous aircraft carrier later this month, according to local media reports. On Thursday The Hindu reported that India’s first indigenous aircra […]


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【Zachary Keck | Asia】Watch Out, China: Asia’s Dangerous Submarine Race Heats Up

Thailand is the latest country in maritime Asia seeking to build up its submarine force. According to local media reports, the Thai Royal Navy has formally submitted a proposal to […]


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【Zachary Keck | Asia】Destination Beijing: India to Test ‘China-Killer’ Nuke Missile

India is readying the first canister test of its so-called “China killer” long-range ballistic missile. This week the New Indian Express reported that on Saturday the Defense Resea […]


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【Zachary Keck | China Desk】China’s ‘dictatorship diplomacy implodes’?

A few years back it was fashionable in some circles to talk about China’s dictatorship diplomacy. This term referred to Beijing’s close economic and sometimes political cooperation […]


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