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文章提交指引 Submission Guideline








  • 現代事務:南中國海爭議、美國大選。
  • 歷史分析:分析冷戰結束
  • 國家間之關係:中日關係
  • 概念分析:恐怖主義、民族主義、建構主義
  • 經濟分析:國際原油市場、金磚五國






稿件要求:文章內的文字間距應為雙間距及字體大小為12。作者之英文文章被要求採用「Times New Roman」及「Arial」字體。至於中文文章,請採用「新細明體」之字體。作者可自行附加沒有版權和共享資源中的圖片於文章。若文稿沒有圖片,刊登時可能會附加於文章之內,以作闡釋之用。而且,作者必須在文章中清楚註明文章之標題及副標題。




Paper Submission Guideline


Paper Style / Methodology:


Our focus is to feature the latest debates and discussions on the various facets of international relations. We are mainly calling for papers written for the purpose of serious academic research and professional analysis. The methodology could be in either qualitative or quantitative research methods, or both. Non-academic papers with regards to international affairs such as film reviews and travel notes, however, are also welcomed. That said, as the audience of The Glocal is the global citizens, authors are encouraged to explain unique terms, jargons, or other conceptual ideas generally and briefly.


Topic Area:


We do not replace any specific restrain on topic areas. As long as the article falls under the scoop of international relations, the author is not required to write in any sub-field by the editorial. They are required to specify their sub-topic areas or fields within the article, however. A few examples are as below for your reference:


  1. Contemporary Issues: South China Sea Dispute, U.S. Presidential Election
  2. Historical Analysis: Analyzing the End of Cold War
  3. Inter-state Relations: Sino-Japanese Relation
  4. Conceptual Analysis: Terrorism, Nationalism, Constructivism
  5. Economic Analysis: International Crude Oil Market, BRICS


Length of Paper: There is no word limited on their paper.


Use of Written Language: Papers in Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and English are accepted.


Document Requirements: The paper should be typed, double spacing with at least font size of 12. For English, they are advised to use Times New Roman or Arial as the font style; as for Chinese, they are required to use “新細明體” as the font style. Normally, pictures will be added by us for illustrative purpose, authors can also embed their own or creative common pictures inside the article. Moreover, Title and subheads with Title Case should be added in the paper.


Academic Referencing: Appendix (including statistical chart, infograph and so on), could be added to their paper for supplementary purpose. Any citation and reference must be consistent with APA Style of Referencing. (For details, please refer to:



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