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【Howard Lee | Singaporean 】On building the DPP brand and the opposition alliance

We sat in the cool shade of the covered walkway outside the home of Mohd Hamim, Chairman of the Democratic Progressive Party, where TOC was invited for their 40th Anniversary lunch […]


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在香港,無論到旺角、銅鑼灣還是尖沙咀,都發現街上到處是藥房,幾乎是每走幾步就有一家,已成為香港另一奇特,卻不那麼怡人的新景觀。藥房之所以多,當然不是因為香港人比其他人更需要吃藥。各種牌子的進口嬰兒配方奶粉和化妝護膚品佔據了這些藥房的大部分空間,這些貨品深受訪港旅客,尤其是中國旅客追捧。 中國旅客「自由行」實施後,藥房、金鋪、電器鋪在香港心臟地帶如雨後春筍般冒 […]


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【Aloysius Chia | Singaporean】The Maximum Singaporean

The Maximum Singaporean looks something like this: a little off the cuff, somewhat concerned about his or her image, is quite obsessed about the neatness of things, but first and f […]


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【東南亞來訊】Ilo Ilo: A Portrait of an Ordinary Singaporean Family in Adversity

Although the name of the first Singapore film I watched in a cinema eludes me, the experience has endured: I still remember how enthralling and magical it was, to see on the silver […]


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【焦點】李顯龍訪華 冀新加坡建設者角色加強中國與東盟關係

新加坡總理李顯龍於8月25日展開一連7日的訪中行程,期間將到訪北京、新疆及遼寧省,並會晤國家主席習近平和總理李克強。他表示希望促進東盟與中國之間的關係,而新加坡則扮演著建設者的角色,為中國、東盟關係「鋪橋搭路」。 中新關係融合 李盼拓至東盟 李顯龍接受人民日報訪問時,表示中國與新加坡的關係發展順利。其中龐大的貿易量和旅遊交流的頻繁令兩國的合作越來越緊密。他期 […]


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【Lianain Films|Insight】Do The Right Thing, #FreeMyInternet

Something truly remarkable happened in Singapore this week. The online community – often characterised by the establishment as a scary place filled with scary, irresponsible people […]


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