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【Dubravko Lovrenović|Academia】Bosnian Myths

The continuing disasters in human history are largely conditioned by man’s excessive capacity and his urge to identify with the tribe, the nation, the church or a common goal, and […]


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【Anis H. Bajrektarević|Academia】Eastern Europe – The World’s Last Underachiever

25 years ago, the Russian historical empire melted down. Although often underreported, this also marked the end of alternative society in Europe. Collapse of the II world, made the […]


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【Nicolai N. Petro|Academia】Understanding the Other Ukraine: Identity and Allegiance in Russophone Ukraine

The cultural and political differences besetting Ukraine are the product of very different patterns of regional settlement. Among these, the settlement of eastern and southern Ukra […]


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【Jonathan Benthall|Academia】Building a Reform Movement: Could Muslims Emulate Nineteenth Century Judaism?

Let us start from the premise, though not all social scientists would agree, that religious doctrines generate their own ideological dynamic distinct from the markers of language, […]


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【Ting Fai Yeung | Academia】Ethical Approaches to Terrorism: A Very Short Introduction

Abstract This article will conceptualise ‘terrorism’ and highlight its differences with other forms of organized violence. It will also argue that this type of indiscriminate viole […]


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【梁曉遴 | Academia】嚴復如何看言論自由?從《天演論》說起

近來經常讀到有關言論自由的論述。晚清思想家、翻譯家嚴復,相信是最早以自由人權立論的學者。然而,在二十一世紀的今天看來,他的相關思想能否適用於現今的社會? 甲午戰爭慘敗後,嚴復先生深刻體會到,只有「自強」,才能「保種」。他透過對達爾文(Charles Darwin)、赫胥黎(Thomas Henry Huxley)和斯賓塞(Herbert Spencer)相關 […]


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【Marján Attila and Szuhai Ilona | Academia】Global Markets of Misery

Is our global humanitarian system in transition? If so, what are the key issues before the 2016 World Humanitarian Summit “Today’s needs are at unprecedented levels and […]


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【王正毅 | Academia】中國崛起:世界體系發展的終結還是延續

經濟史的研究表明,16世紀之前,在歐洲之外的其他地區不但存在著各種各樣的「區域世界經濟」(Regional world-economy),而且這些不同的「區域世界經濟」相當繁榮,有的甚至處於世界領先地位,如學者們經常提及的13世紀的中國、美索不達米亞、埃及和印度河谷。 ①經濟史家們普遍認為,16世紀之前的世界主要有兩個基本特徵:一個特徵是,「區域世界經濟」林 […]


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【Eve Hepburn | Academia】Scotland: If Not Independence Then a Federacy?

A great deal of analysis has gone into why Scotland voted ‘no’ to separating from the UK, in a referendum on independence held on 18 September 2014, by 55% to 45%. In a series of s […]


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【Anis H. Bajrektarevic and Petra Posega | Academia】Nuclear Commerce – essentials: Politico-military, security, legal and socio-economic aspects

Abstract: In an ever evolving and expanding world, there is a constant quest for both more energy and less external energy dependency. With the fossil fuels bound industry setting […]


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